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Default Re: Why is E Gordon getting paid MAX?

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
So you want your franchise to pay guys a ton of money that aren't worth it just so you can win 15 more regular season games and be a fringe playoff team while hurting your team long term?

Makes no sense. Tanking really wouldn't even accurately describe what they would be doing.

It would be called rebuilding. Seriously...why spend 45 plus million per year on Gordon, Evans, Holiday, and Andersen if your team is at best going to get the 8th seed and lose in the first round? Especially with little to no chance to get much better anywhere else on the roster with all those guys...

Think about it. What is the ceiling of this current roster over the next 3 years? 1 playoff series win? That just isn't worth it. And then you have to pay Davis the max in 3 years and the entire team will be shaken up and be different.

So what good are these 3 years of being average at best? They hurt your draft status, you don't develop many players that will be there long term when the team is actually making a run, and you kill your cap space as well.

Just bad team management.

I was referring to all teams tanking in general, it's shitty for fans especially if it's been going on for a few seasons and the team just wastes picks.. The league needs to change the way the lottery works.

In NO case my point was they could get something better for that $15m than a disgruntled Gordon. I understand the CP3 trade but it's almost like pride is getting in the way of them moving forward..
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