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Default Re: Why is E Gordon getting paid MAX?

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Oh I totally agree.

Stern veto ****ed them though. They had to sign Gordon because NO fans would have lost their minds if they only got Aminu and Austin Rivers for CP3.

The other trade would have netted them Dragic, Martin, Scola, and Odom. And then they had plans to move those guys other than Dragic.

So not only would they have not had to overpay Gordon, they would have been able to sign the likes of Dragic if they wanted a much better contract...and he's a player they actually needed. Then you don't have to make the Noel trade.

So you are looking at Dragic, Davis and Noel...with potentially Kevin Martin on a great contract...all while getting higher draft picks over these next couple years and having way more cap flexibility.

Stern ****ed them. Like I said before, it was dumb luck that Gordon just essentially refused to play and it allowed them to get the first pick. But that trade in reality was even worse because if Gordon plays in 12...he nets you more wins and might have cost you the first pick as well.

Wait did you just say that the shitty package that they would have gotten in the 3-way with the Lakers and Rockets would have helped the Hornets/Pelicans? Really? Scola was not worth his contract and was amnestied, Odom was a headcase whose game was slipping, and Martin is a talented regular season scorer who has been let go by 3 teams after they realized his on court impact was much lower than his #s.

The only asset in that trade would have been Dragic who had proven absolutely nothing in December 2011 when the trade was made; and like Gordon was also up for a payday that summer. That trade sucked and should have never been approved by the interim front office.
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