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Default Re: Josh Smith's benching last night

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Only way is if the Pistons trade away there best player in Monroe to get a good SF and move Smith to PF, since Monroe has the 2nd highest value after Drummond and is the easiest to move due to his contract, I have heard in the last game the Pistons think Drummond has HOF ability so no chance they move him and I don't really see any takers for Smiths contract.

Would be a shame to see the probably best front court for the next decade or so being broken up cause of Smith. I'm not really sure if they can afford all three and I remember reading that Monroe's management believes he should get a similar offer to Cousins which would be a max deal and it's hard to see that since they will have to give max to Drummond as well a year or two later.

They could also move one of Smith/Monroe to the bench but that's HIGHLY unlikely.
they need to let monroe go to FA and set his value (which is below the 5 yr max-max they can give him) and then sign him, saving the 5 year deal for drummond. By the time drummond is in line for big $, smith will only have 1 year left on his deal and could be used as a big expiring contract.
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