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Default Re: Why is E Gordon getting paid MAX?

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS
I just see a bunch of mediocre players. Scola had a solid year on a bad team the season before the trade, but he was already 31 and would have been on the books until '14-'15; that's not the type of guy you build around when you are starting a re-build. Same for Martin; except he was 28.

And I must just not see the same player you see in Dragic; to me he's an average point guard. The way I see it if he was some great asset somebody would be trying to pluck him from the Suns. I'd much rather have Gordon than him and Martin -- much rather.

I'm saying that they were going to move those mediocre players. But I must add that Odom and Scola were not thought of as just average players at the time. They had value...I'm looking for it right now, but Demps talked about their trade value and the plans he had.

I like Dragic. I think he has great value at his price. I don't love Kevin Martin, but 6.5 million I like him way better than Gordon.

But here is my main point. I think the Pelicans will ultimately have been way better off if they didn't tie up 16 million a year in Gordon. I really think they should have tried to remain bad while building for the future this year. And they simply couldn't do that with the Gordon trade because they were forced to sign him.

That is why I keep asking what is the ceiling of this team over the next 3 years? Because after 3 years...this team is going to be drastically different because there simply isn't enough money to go around.

Imagine a team with Dragic, Noel, and Davis...while getting a top 5 pick in this years draft with a ton of cap really like the prospects of this current roster more than that? I certainly don't.
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