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Default Re: Why is E Gordon getting paid MAX?

Originally Posted by 2LeTTeRS
Why do you assume that further trades will be made if the Scola, Dragic, and Martin package but ignore the fact that Gordon can be traded for a much better asset than those guys? And can't you say that 90% of the teams will be "drastically different in 3 years"?

Not sure what the problem is there.

I'm imagining it and not being impressed. You keep slobbering on Dragic but not giving any reason why he's the "perfect fit for Davis." Once again he just looks like an average PG to me.

And you do realize Noel is not playing right? What about the fact that he's a 5 who weighs less than 210 pounds? He'll likely spend this entire season rehabbing and if his knees are giving him problems now how will they hold up once he adds weight?

We just see it differently.

If Gordon is traded for a great asset? Then I'll change my tune somewhat, but that remains to be seen.

If I said Dragic is "perfect"...I didn't mean to. He's not perfect, but at 7.5 million a year...he's a really solid fit for that team.

Noel isn't playing right now. That is perfect! It would allow the Pelicans to get a top 5 pick this coming summer...perhaps top 3.

Like I said. Give me Dragic, Davis, Noel...and top 5 pick this summer over what they have now. If they move Andersen for Asik and move Gordon to free up cap space and some assets...I'll change my tune.

But for now...they ****ed up.

Side note from the argument.

What do you think Gordon can return for the Pelicans?
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