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Default Re: Why is E Gordon getting paid MAX?

Originally Posted by bdreason
Pelicans are spending money like they're a big market team on the verge of a championship. The reality is, they are a small market team that needs to build through the draft and avoid the luxury tax.

I can respect a team for trying to win... but the Pelicans giving all their cap space away to 3 ball-dominant guards wasn't a good decision. Small market team need to have patience, and the Pelicans definitely jumped the gun.

Exactly. They could have kept Noel and Davis. Traded Gordon or just not signed him. Move Andersen for something. Get a top 5 pick in the loaded upcoming draft.

Then the following year go out and spend the money they have on filling out a team that could have looked something like Davis, Noel, and Parker.

Giving up the chance at a core trio like that for the next 12 years to max out Gordon, get Holiday, and overpay Evans is a joke.

All so they might win a playoff series over the next 3 years. I honestly hope I'm wrong because I watch a lot of NO games, but I really think their ceiling is 1 playoff series win over the next 3 years.
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