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Default Re: Mo Cheeks wants Greg Monroe to improve his mid-range J

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11
I'l agree with most of the above here.

Quick question for you. When you say "best" asset, are you saying best trade asset or best asset for the team to be better?

I would agree with the later, but if its the former, I still think its Drummond. Teams would be falling all over themselves to get that kid. And even Dumars has said Drummond is untouchable.

I mean right now he's the best player on the team. I definitely agree that most every team would love to have Drummond, especially since he's still on a cap friendly rookie contract. I just think that right now Monroe is more polished offensively and he will probably always be the better shooter. Drummond is the better defensive presence, although Detroit's defense has been terrible so far this season so I would say he still has a lot to learn there.
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