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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Ran drills last night with the bro, just simple dribble with this hand, that hand, crosses, figure 8's, around the world, lay ups & such. Pretty good work out, but I got to organise it a bit better.

Than I had a couple pick up games later, my knees were really bothering me so I couldn't play to my fullest, had a couple sloppy turn overs.
Hit a couple clutch layups in the first game though to win the game (10 minute game) 12-14.
Got the defensive rebound, and went on the fast break, 1 on 1 against a slightly taller and longer Asian dude, Euro stepped but he didn't bite, bodied him going left and put up a right handed roll with my back to the basket and dropped it in - pure fluke. That tied it at 12-12.
Then we got another stop, I received the ball on the left baseline midrange with a small opening, They had a very tall long centre. Drove it and with the right hand as I was under the back board managed to hook it up quickly before the centre could get his arms up for it and banked the shot in with about 10 seconds left. That put the score at 14-12. They missed a 3 at the buzzer.

After that first game I was pretty useless, I felt so unsure and sloppy, not really sure what was up. My knees were really aching by half way through so I just left it at that.

Going to miss the next few sessions and recover my knees a bit, next basketball sesh is looking like Saturday arvo, Thursday today.
I normally play my best on the Saturday sesh. Can't wait.

Till next time
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