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Default Re: Rocket fans....were Laker fans right about Dwight?

Originally Posted by KungFuJoe
You can't blame DH for tonight's game. I thought he played a good game. He hit a clutch free throw off an and1 and hit a clutch baby hook in the lane. Had nice blocks and played D like he always did.

But, there is one thing he needs to stop doing...and that's trying to block every shot that goes up within 15 feet of the basket. The reason why they give up so many offensive rebounds is because when he goes to block a shot, his man ends up with the ball. Happened tonight with the Hawes put back dunk.

I find his defense extremely overrated because of this. He will get those 4 blocks per game and they would be complete non factors cause they always end up on the stands or rivals, for a new possession. not to mention the times he will goaltend cause as you see, this is a guy that jumps for the block before thinking
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