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Default Spurs beat Wizards 92-79


(On the Spurs defensive play…)

“I thought we did do a good job defensively. They still got a few more threes than we wanted but I thought that we approached that three-point line pretty good, getting guys off of there. I thought the help underneath the bucket was pretty good. So all in all the defense was solid. And on offense we got a group in there that moved the basketball really well. Pushed it ahead, moved it, found the open man and got a little run going. That broke the game open.”

(On Marco Belinelli’s offense…)

“I think offensively the last two or three games he has really looked comfortable. Pump-faking, getting his shot off, finding open people while he’s dribbling the ball. He’s working hard on defense, so I think he’s fitting in really well.”
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