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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Holy sheeet.


Why didn't this thing resonate in my head prior?

This is the exact same concept of neurobiologicy of writers. All the great writers in history when creating metaphors or similies or descriptive language don't consciously plan everything they're about to write. it comes up to them. and it's said that the most IMPORTANT MOMENT is the ANTICIPATIOn before they look inwards into their head and try to produce an image. They are at the mercy of their mind's parallel processors. And that was Siddharthas gambling addiction. "He did not live for the rewards, he lived for the intense heartbeat of anxiety that happened prior to rolling the dice."

Hmmm major repercussions in regards to pavlovian conditioning has reared its head.

If a person knew for a fact they'd be getting the nookie after a set week.... how would it affect them behaviorally?

If a man set out to achieve his lifelong goal of becoming an NBA player.... what would be the optimal reward/punishment ratio to get him from point A to point B?

If a depressed mid20s having fellow had a dream, and desired life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; how would he carve his lfiestyle/agenda in regards to punishment/reward for maximum efficacy?

Hmmm... questions questions
Thats some interesting shit J Money, where you reading about this stuff?
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