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Default Re: Real Raptors fans stand up!

I know its up to players to refuse to build a losing environment and that is fine, but I believe that it is up to management to understand that this team cannot contend for a championship, ever. And I want this team to be a championship team. Management has to put this team in a position to succeed in the future and with the current roster they're stuck being a 6-10 place team, which is no mans land.

Its frustrating being a Raptors fan, they always seem to miss out on the top prospects by simply trying too hard at a playoff spot instead of building a proper foundation which can contend for years to come. Its so like the Raptors to end up out of the playoffs and not have a pick low enough for a top prospect.

Look at the top teams and what do they have a Lebron or a Durant, the way this team is constructed its so unlikely they get that top player.
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