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Default Re: Rubio can really PASS the ball. Next Magic?

Chris Paul is the best passer,playmaker in the League
followed by Rondo,Rubio

If you're comparing today's pg,playmakers to past goat pg it would go like this

Chris Paul=John Stockton
Rondo=Jason Kidd
Rubio=Jason Kidd
Rose=Allen Iverson
RW=Steve Francis

The best pg in the league bar none is CP3
He has it all,playmaking,passing,defense,shooting,ft%

Rondo,Rubio have no offense
Rose,RW have no efficiency and aren't great playmakers,passers
Curry,Irving don't have much defense
Deron has become a shell of his all-star self
Jennings doesn't have efficiency or good offense
Tony Parker isn't good on defense

If Rubio can get an offense he'll be one of the best pg in the league

There are no Isiah Thomas,Gary Payton,Oscar Robertson players in the league

The three closest playmakers to all time goat pgs today are
Rondo-Jason Kidd
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