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Default Re: LeBron has never had a 50 point playoff game?

Originally Posted by Owl
For basic triple doubles (i.e. 10+,10+,10+) the 50 point game is far more rare.

That said, in the modern era at least, LeBron type 25+,10+,10+ triple doubles are pretty rare. 27 since '86 (when Bkb-Ref started counting) by 14 different players:

6: LeBron
3: Magic
2: Barkley, Bird, Baron Davis, Jordan, Payton, Rondo.
1: Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Ralph Sampson, Isiah Thomas, James Worthy

There have been only 19 playoff 50 point games in that span, 8 from Jordan, 3 from Iverson and no one else more than once. 28

What about 15 15 15 triple doubles? I wonder if 11 11 11 triple doubles are more rare than 25 10 10.

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