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Default Re: X Box One or PS4

Originally Posted by TheReal Kendall
I really don't know what to do.

I got a 360 now but I'm leaning more towards the PS4.

Seem like you need the kinect to really enjoy all of the Xbox one's functions and I keep seeing that it's only 720p whereas the PS4 is 1080p.

I'm still gonna wait til about 6mths to a year before I get one.

The games that's coming out for the Xbox looks better than the ones lined up for PS4 though.

My supervisor said that there been a lot of bugs with the PS4 software so far but I'm not sure how true that is
The 720P/1080P is really bullshit. Xbone has more than enough power to display everything at 1080P consistently. It'll just take longer because Microsoft's studios aren't as well managed as Sony's. But when Titanfall drops that'll for sure be the turning point. There might be an exception here or there, but it'll be pretty much 1080P the rest of the way.
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