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Default Re: Kevin Love is currently averaging 27 14 and 5 on 48%, can he keep it up?

I think he can.

He's a crafty scorer whose talents are utilized very well under Adelman's system and with the aid of good passing from Rubio and and others. He can shoot the 3, has a good post game, and is obviously a good offensive rebounder. He's quite adept at drawing fouls and is a great free throw shooter.

As for the rebounding, what else need be said. He's one of the league's best at that, so no reason he can't keep his current pace.

The passing is the big question mark. But I think he can keep that number up. The personnel is now less frustrating than it was in years' past, especially with the additions of Kevin Martin and Corey Brewer, both guys who have been on the receiving end of quite a few of Kevin Love's outlet passes. This team is programmed to run, and a big man who can rebound, and throw quick, accurate outlet passes will always have better assist numbers because of that. Outside of the outlet passing, he's also a good passer in the halfcourt setting.

So yeah, the assist number might dip a little, but for the reasons provided above, he should be able to keep up these numbers throughout the season.
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