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Default Re: Some appreciation for Jeremy Lin..

He improved a lot on his shooting, and his ability to catch and shoot, which enables him to play better with Harden. Not only that, he is better at driving and finishing with either hand it seems.

I don't think he'll able to keep his shooting percentage up throughout the season, but you can tell that he improved and is a lot more comfortable out there.

With that said, he could be moved. If he keep playing like this, they can get a solid piece for him, but most of the league have solid PGs. The only teams that need PGs of his style of play that I can think of are the Lakers, Pacers, and Knicks. But since he improved his game a lot, I don't think the Rockets would want to move him. Not only does he make them money due to his popularity (but since Howard is there also now, so this could be irrelevant), but he the only besides Harden that can consistently make a play and beat you off the dribble.
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