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Default Re: Kevin Love is currently averaging 27 14 and 5 on 48%, can he keep it up?

Originally Posted by Dresta
Expect points and efficiency to drop a bit as the season goes on. Assists maybe to drop to 4 also.

I don't see why though? None of the numbers he's putting up are too dissimilar than what he was putting up the last time he was healthy. The differences are subtle but have pretty dramatic effect.

For one, his defensive rebounding is back up to the insane levels it used to be (it took a dip a few seasons back).

Two, this Wolves team is fairly better than the one two seasons ago. From Brewer's tendency to leak early to just being surrounded by much better spot-up and catch & shoot shooters. This is kind of why I wish player tracking was around in previous seasons because I'd like to see how many assist opportunities Love had per game. Playing with guys like Beasley, Wesley Johnson, and Derrick Williams (who is getting very little playing time this season, at least with Love) is a lot different than Kevin Martin and Brewer. Not to mention this team has a much better grasp of Adelman's offense. His assists might drop slightly but I'd be surprised if they drop that much.

Which brings up the only difference between the '12 and '14 (thus far) which is his two point shooting percentage (his three point shooting is actually a notch lower than his last two healthy seasons but his free throw rate is about the same). It's unlikely that this goes down though because of the after mentioned spacing and just a basic understanding of the offense. Love isn't having to force shots in the same to get points and is getting the ball in much advantageous positions. This isn't likely to change over the course of the season. His numbers might slip but it's doubtful it'll be by a noticeable margin.
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