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Default Re: Some appreciation for Jeremy Lin..

Originally Posted by chocolatethunder
He receives so much hate because he was a guy who had a string of good games in NY and then got a gigantic contract and hasn't strung together many good games until now. He's not a very good NBA player. He's an average NBA player. He seems very good because if he's controlling the ball then he can jack up a bunch of shots. It's the Mike James effect. Really, every NY fan and every asian basketball fan was calling him "great" and "one of the best PGs in the game" he has "elite court vision" etc. Now that he's playing well for 10 games, all of the bullshit is back. His only role on a team can be what he's doing now which is gunning as the scorer for the second unit. He's not a great decision maker or passer as you can tell by his turnovers. That's where it all comes from.
You're being a bit hard on him. The hate is largely the backlash every player gets when they get some notoriety. If even Michael Jordan has haters, how could Lin be immune? You're also exaggerating the praise he got in some areas. There are always outliers but very few called his court vision "elite." The reality is that he can score and if he keeps that ppg over 15 off the bench that would qualify him as a good player.
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