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Default Re: Some appreciation for Jeremy Lin..

Originally Posted by Micku
He's a very solid playmaker during Linsanity tho, averaging like 8 apg or something like that? I can see him averaging about 7 or 8 apg if Mchale would let him control the offense more. I think he is the best playmaker on the team.

And the sixth man role was a really good move by Mchale. He still needs to get the rotation right, but having him on the bench creates a great spark of the second unit. But he often keeps Harden out there with Lin and their game sometimes clashes because both need the ball. I would just surround Lin with shooters with Asik or Howard at the C and let him do his thing.
He can get assists if you keep the ball in his hands all game like NY did but he can also be a turnover machine. Harden is their best guard so he should have the ball more than Lin.
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