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Default Re: Some appreciation for Jeremy Lin..

Originally Posted by Micku
Most good PGs turnover the ball. Magic Johnson average 4 TOs a game in his career, Steve Nash averaged almost averaged 4 TOs with the Suns. James Harden currently is averaging 4.6 TOs right now too. No one complains about him. That's more than Lin atm who is averaging 3.8 TOs. Not everyone can be like Chris Paul.

I think the way to maximize both of their potential is to have Lin control the offense and have the ball mostly in his hands, especially when Harden is out. Harden is your best one on one player on the team while I think Lin is the best playmaker and at running the offense. Harden likes to iso a lot, which stops the ball and Lin usually move the ball around a bit more, which sets up other players. Both of them should have the ball, but it should be about 60-40 for Lin until the 4th quarter. But it depends on the situation.
I don't feel like looking up the exact numbers during linsanity but for the season in NY Lin got 6.2 apg and 3.6 TOpg. The benchmark for all PGs is 2:1, when Nash or Magic get around 4 TOs they also are getting 11-12 assists. Harden getting 4.6 is acceptable because he's also the team's main scorer, getting them 26 ppg.
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