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Default Re: Mo Cheeks wants Greg Monroe to improve his mid-range J

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11
That would be most excellent. Don't know if the highest paid big man's ego could take that though.

I'm sure we could get a bucket load for Greg Monroe. What he's showed this season so far...I'd say he is nearing top 5 PF status. He's right on the cusp. But I want him and Drummond to stay paired together. Those are two BIG bodies dominating those boards.

I agree absolutely. I think Drummond and Monroe are the core of the Pistons and are definitely their future. What we really needed was one more top pick to help us out this year..... unfortunately our pick is only top 8 protected and I don't see us finishing there. Although we do have the league's 5th worst record right now and the mock drafts have us getting Dante Exum. I would be so happy if that happened. Could you guys imagine how dominate we would be if we could draft a PG like that? He's 6'6" and better than MCW. That would also put us in the running for a guy like Marcus Smart too. Then we could package Jennings and Smith to a team for a real SF. That would be a contender, not a pretender like we have this year.
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