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Default Re: Some appreciation for Jeremy Lin..

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
I don't feel like looking up the exact numbers during linsanity but for the season in NY Lin got 6.2 apg and 3.6 TOpg. The benchmark for all PGs is 2:1, when Nash or Magic get around 4 TOs they also are getting 11-12 assists. Harden getting 4.6 is acceptable because he's also the team's main scorer, getting them 26 ppg.

I know his assists average went way up because of his run as Linsainity. Similarly to his points. He averaged like 26-28 ppg during Linsanity? Like he was constantly getting like 7-9? He still had a few games where he played very good with assisting all star break until he got injured.

But that is true. He is a turnover machine. And Harden should get the ball. I just feel Harden could average 24-26 ppg just fine even if Lin runs the offense. I just think that Lin would make plays with other players as well as got his own shot. Would the best indicator to see who runs the offense better is to check out the stats on the five man units with Lin w/o Harden and Harden w/o Lin assuming if they have the same lineup. I know both of the offense is pretty high when they are together.
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