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Default Re: Good or bad? Traded Dwight+Westbrook for Millsap+Gortat

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
First off why are you in a chicken shit 6 team league? Bad trade IMO. You never want to trade quality and consistency for depth. I would have gone full tank mode on FT% since you already have Jordan and Drummond on your team. I would have moved Pau and Boozer while they still have value and assuming it's a 6 team league there must be better guys that Chalmers on the waiver wire.

The league is filled only with people I know. It was supposed to be 8 but 2 didn't sign up in time.

Right now, I'm killing my league, and the only category I never win at is FT. Jordan and Drummond also shoot terrible FTs, but the difference is, they don't miss 5-6 per game. I can easily survive Drummond's ft% because he doesn't shoot enough to bring me down. If I drop Drummond and Jordan, then I will potentially risk finally losing blocks every week. Chalmers is there strictly as a boost for steals and assists and was a FA pick up when he was kicking ass at those, and he will be dropped once he goes in a slump. Boozer is playing damn well considering he was my last pick in the draft.

For example, this week (against 2nd place in the league who has a LeBron/A. Davis combo):
I'm up nearly 100 points, 14 blocks (Dwight had 15, but Millsap/Gortat combo can make that up, but dropping Drummond/Jordan would really swing this away from my favor), 17 steals, 50 assists, about 100 rebounds, only 2 threes (my guys are really off this week), and FG%.

However, I'm losing FT%. Most days I'm winning until Dwight's game starts. He has missed 15 free throws this week. Although Drummond and Jordan suck at this, they don't shoot enough to bring down what Durant/Melo and others do like Howard does. Drummond has missed 2 while Jordan has missed 7. I may look to move them, but they weren't killing me the way Howard was.
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