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Default Re: Assassin's Creed 4 new gameplay

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
Game says I'm 37% in. I keep getting stuck on some of the tougher sea missions. I was first stuck at the mission where you take on the Man O' War so had to go back and collect some dough to upgrade my hull, now I keep getting killed on the very next mission when you're trying to board the slaver ship. I really suck at the sailing aspect of this game.

The assassins are more or less in the backdrop of the storyline so far. I'm not sure I mind this at all. It makes sense that they wouldn't be very strong in this era. Plus, it would be pretty cheesy if a guy like Edward who is motivated by greed just heard about the creed and went "oh yeah I am sooo an assassin now".

Yeah, and I find that being a greedy pirate like Edward makes searching the map and getting all of the collectibles feel more "natural." I tend to place myself in the reality of the game pretty heavily when I play so exploration doesn't always feel right. For example, I felt like it didn't fit the character of Ezio to run around catching feathers instead of pursuing his father's killer as quickly as possible. Kind of weird but still how I feel when playing these games.

I think I'm like 50%+ finished but I have been doing a lot more side stuff than I normally do. I've tracked down a handful of treasures using the maps, I've collected everything on multiple islands, done a ton of the assassination contracts, etc.
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