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Default Re: Some appreciation for Jeremy Lin..

Lin is better the more he touches the ball. He however is not a Harden/Kobe level player where you'd want him to touch the ball that much. For him to take a leap into a top 10ish type player, he needs to be able to be as effective while not being such a big part of the offense as he is now. The way he plays now, you either need to be run and gun (and that's not winning a title in Houston) or be on a team that really really needs him (like the Linsanity Knicks). He's a terrible complimentary piece.

If he can be more a facilitator vs. a distributor he'll be a better player. He actually reminds me of Marbury on the Knicks in that he needs to set you up via his own offense (drive and kick) vs. someone like Kidd who could just initiate offense without needing to score.
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