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Default Re: Kevin Love is currently averaging 27 14 and 5 on 48%, can he keep it up?

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
I just happened to come across this post for the year before his 26 point season

Where the red lines intersect is average. Top Right is very good. Love is pinned in the top right corner, virtually all of his team is on the bottom left.
How does the year before his 26 point season have anything to do with his 26 point season exactly? He had Rubio, Barea, Webster and a far improved Pekovic the following season. He additionally had Rick Adelman as coach. A top player would have dragged that team above where it was imo.

And this is irrelevant anyway: i was merely explaining why he isn't a versatile enough scorer right now to keep up the numbers he currently has. He isn't dominant inside, and he doesn't have much of a game off the dribble.

Then you just had to jump on my post and moronically proclaim me to be saying something i wasn't. Take your straw-man bullshit elsewhere.
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