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Default Re: Kevin Love is currently averaging 27 14 and 5 on 48%, can he keep it up?

Originally Posted by BarberSchool
The real question is, does the fact that Kevin Love scores more of his points off of cuts, free throws, and open 3's make him less of an asset or more of an asset ?

It certainly makes him less of a noticeable superstar, as you'll never see a highlight of him in isolation, crossing someone over then dunking on them.

But let's really think about this, and please I'd like everyone to respond:

1. When has a guy had a season under his belt of 26ppg on good efficiency, and is looking like he will have another season at that rate, all of it done WITHOUT NEEDING THE BALL IN HIS HANDS MUCH ? AND WITHOUT NEEDING MANY PLAYS RUN FOR HIM?

2. Does a team benefit MORE from having multiple 20+PPG talents who both need the ball in their hands to succeed? Or does it benefit more when ONE 20+PPG talent needs the ball in their hands to succeed, and another does not need the ball in their hands to succeed?
Bob Pettit is one answer - there are quite a few more examples though, but Pettit is fresh on my mind cause I've been working on a mix. He plays almost identical to Love, or should I say Love almost identical to him. Scores by offensive rebounds, moving without the ball, drawing fouls inside - and a small hand full of actual legitimate field goal attempts from the perimeter.

That style of play earned Bob Pettit 2 league MVP's in the late 50's.
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