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Default Re: Kevin Love is currently averaging 27 14 and 5 on 48%, can he keep it up?

Originally Posted by Dresta
Hence why he was able to score 26 a game, and why i don't think he'll average 27 this year. What don't you understand about that?

I was asked why i thought his points numbers would go down over the season when he averaged 26 last time he was healthy. Answer: he is not a versatile enough offensive player to average 27 on a playoff team. None of what you're accusing me of really has anything to do with what i said. You were just getting all defensive over nothing.

I still think he'll average around 25, i just said i thought his output would decline a bit from what it is now, only to get jumped on by loads of sensitive people.

Someone who can score at will in the post.

So you arguing about 2 ppg? And calling people assholes on the other side of that argument?

Your argument basically boils down to, I don't like the way he scores. You're trying to discount his output because he's not conforming to your conception of a how a 27 ppg scorer should be.

Also teams will start to focus on Kevin Love later in the season? Any team that doesn't focus on Love when they play Minnesota should get a new coach as quick as possible. Dude ain't a rookie.

This is a discussion about stats. When the ball goes through the net the points count and your stats go up. It doesn't matter how the ball goes through the net. There's no stat called versatility.

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