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Default Re: Post your favorite soul-crushing, depressing songs

Originally Posted by Chuckbrook
First, I think this is a great thread.

The song I would like to add to this thread is called "Ready for Love" by India Arie.

I recently fell in love with this song after watching the video. She sings it with so much emotion and it seems like she really means what she's singing. There's a part between 2:53 to 3:27 where she just seems so vulnerable and it makes me feel a certain way inside. I'm not even attracted to her, but the way she looks when she's speaking those words really gets to me. I just want to comfort her and give her what she wants.

I know most of the guys on here are unemotional "tough guys" but take the time to watch this video if you get the chance. It just shows how emotional women can be and how strong the feel about finding love and things like that. As a man, sometimes its good to try to see things from a woman's point of view.


Thanks for the song. I think it's cool that she also plays an instrument. Seems in popular media today a lot of females in the music biz don't do that. I sort of consider them to be entertainers as opposed to actual musicians or artists.. but that's a rant for another day.

And, are you sure it's not just her voice but the combination of her voice and the look she's giving the camera during that time?
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