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Default Re: Kevin Love is currently averaging 27 14 and 5 on 48%, can he keep it up?

Originally Posted by Dresta
I was just giving my justification as to why i said i thought his points would drop 'a bit'

I didn't call anyone an asshole except you, not because you disagreed with me, but because i simply said why i thought his ppg would fall 'a bit' and got this pile of obnoxious bullshit from you:

'Which means none of those points should count and Kevin Love should just retire.

How many times are we going to have this conversation. Kevin Love does something nobody since Moses Malone has done, BUT

Kevin Love is doing something in his first nine games that no one since Kareem Abdul Jabbar has done for a full season, BUT'

What i said had nothing to do with that. You were just being an asshole.

I wasn't taking issue with you saying his points would drop a bit. Any great 9 game streak is still just a 9 game streak. I was taking issue with this argument
Because he isn't a versatile enough scorer to average 27. If he keeps it up he we get more and more focus put on him by opposing teams, and his numbers will fall. He won't keep getting the shots he's been getting. And, he will probably get injured at some point.
Which just doesn't make sense.
He's already proven he can average 26, what would be unusual about a star player getting better in their 6th year in the league. Versatility got absolutely nothing to do with it.
Teams aren't paying attention to him? Dude is easily the best player on his team and legitimately a top 10 player in the NBA, how do you overlook him? They've been sleeping on him?

This isn't some two-week Linsanity aberration where he is playing out of his head, this is a guy who has put up gaudy numbers before AND has shown the ability to elevate his game, by leaps and bounds. Perhaps he has done it again. The only stat that is truly out of whack with the number he has already proven he can put up is his assist average, not his points.

As for the BUT, BUT, I didn't say you gave those specific examples, but you making the same type of argument that always gets made with Kevin Love and FireDavidKahn knows exactly what I'm talking about. It basically boils down to he can't do what he does, and yet he does it.

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