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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Ey yo red u know how Muslims pray and prostrate themselves on the ground, after much research this is also known as the celibacy pose in yoga and is a trick to subside desire and keep u clear headed

Also do a stomach vacuum and violently pull in your lower ab inwards toward your belly button

Also have a goal or project you are obsessing about

Game time
Indeed. I meditate most days or at least try to. Mindfulness meditation, just gotta focus your attention or awareness solely on your breath and body's sense of feeling/presence. After 5-10 minutes of doing this it makes me clearheaded and my focus sharpens. I believe the longest I ever went without fap was about 30 days and I felt like a beast during that entire time. Exercised like a savage and wanted to go out every single night.
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