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Default Re: BTE: Biggest Thread Ever!!! LVI

Originally Posted by HarryCallahan
Watching this sh*t is pretty hard, it's like "I get it all D's are saints, any R is an imbecile and pure evil, can we move on now?"

There's just too many problems with it. Lorne is in charge of the show, and he admitted to not getting stuff back when Sandler was on. You can't be 20 years out of the loop and still making decisions.

They need to grow some balls, hire funny people and change shit up... But they won't and it will wither and die. My mom watched since the show started and even she said to me, "SNL just sucks now."

They hire 'funny actors' instead of comics.

If you're into podcasts at all and you want to hear Moynihan be great, listen to this podcast episode. He plays a funny character:
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