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Default Re: BTE: Biggest Thread Ever!!! LVI

I got into a fight last night over the n-word.

Me and a guy were at the store together. Two black guys were waiting in line with us. He tries chatting them up(he's drunk FYI). One was friendly. One was like "damn this guy is drunk I gotta get the **** away." I'd feel the same way.

So by his definition the one that was nice to him while the other guy, despite not knowing what kind of personal situation he was in, was an "n-word."

Not only did it bother me that he kept using the was the distinction he was trying to make. Two regular guys. They were both tolerant of him. An obnoxious drunk. One was nicer than the other and by default the other was the n-word.

I've lost a friend and I'm glad I lost him.
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