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Default Re: Mo Cheeks wants Greg Monroe to improve his mid-range J

If we do decide to blow things up, there are some interesting packages we could look at. Bill Simmons suggested a Gordon,Andersen and WIthey for Charlie,ROdne y and Monroe deal. Boston is an obvious fit. Even if they don't include Rondo I'd be interested in Green,Lee,Olynyk and Sullinger. Barnes/Thompson and Lee?

Something like STuckey for Marcus Thornton would be interesting too. They don't really have a guy like Stuckey in Sacto and he'd be a good fit as their 3rd guard. This way they get Thornton out of Mclemore's way.

Even something with Boston like Stuckey and Jerebko(13 mil) for Lee,Bass and Brooks would be pretty solid. Cleans up their cap a bit. They can have Siva if they want lol.
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