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Default Re: Jennings out of control

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
We are 16.5 points better per 100 possessions with Jennings off the floor right now. That is just not good. The 3 bigs all have pretty solid numbers when they aren't paired with Jennings.

Smith is taking too many shots, but I can live with it. Few guys in the league can put up games like the one he put on Sacramento.

I absolutely agree. I tried to be positive about the Jennings trade in the beginning because he still is an upgrade over Knight. As it turns out, it wasn't a big enough upgrade. I think as the season goes on it'll get better but it definitely isn't a recipe for a contending team. That's why I think once December 15th rolls around his name will be on the trading block. We need a very good PG to run this team. Our bigs are the best in the league. We are one of the best scoring teams in the paint in the NBA. Our backcourt is what's killing us. When we were contending all those years we had the best backcourt in the NBA (with Billups and Hamilton). Stuckey has been pretty good for us. We need to get another guy back there who can help us out though. There needs to be a big time trade that's made to turn the Pistons into the team they should be.
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