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Default Re: Mo Cheeks wants Greg Monroe to improve his mid-range J

I like trading Smith & Jennings. I'm fine with that. I don't like including Monroe in any of those other rumored deals. Monroe is the best player in all of those other rumors. Why give up the best player in a deal? Also trading big for small almost never works out.

I want nothing to do with Gordon & Anderson. I like watching them because they are pretty good, but they'll never lead teams to a championship. They'll always be the guys on decent teams.

I'm certain that Golden State won't give up Lee, Thompson and Barnes. Thompson is playing lights out this year. I don't see why they would ever trade him. In the scenario where it's just Barnes, I don't know why Pistons fans would even consider wanting that. It makes no sense because Monroe is a million times better than Barnes. I like Barnes but I have my doubts that he'll ever be an all-star. People do realize that he's not even a starter, right? I'd trade for him if it's a less talented player involved in the deal.

If we're going to put Greg Monroe in trade rumors we need to not set our goals so low. He's one of the best young big men in the game. It would have to be a blockbuster trade for an all-star. Even Rondo I'd much rather do Smith & Jennings for. Our front line of Monroe and Drummond is the core of this team. It's crazy that fans want to break that up so much. Think bigger everybody.
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