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Default Wades knees never gonna be the same,4pts vs Cats

3rd season in a row with knee problems.I know it's early but he's had rest already and he starting training almost 2 months ago with grover . It's not that the talent isn't there ,the health isn't .its just who he is now like amare,nash.he can't hold up consistently.a lot of guys were saying this after he got injured before the playoffs,now I think it's prob true.He was getting 21/5/5 1blk 2.5stls on 50% in his last 8gms before the bobcats 4pt night.basically avg what he did last season so he kind of tricks you into thinking he's back .hes still is gonna have a vintage game every week or 2 making you think he can be a superstar full time again,but it's clear he can't be.i don't think I've ever seen a guy with so many deep peaks and valleys.i wonder if we'll continue to guess if he'll ever return to form if he does this for the rest of his career.
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