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Default Re: Mo Cheeks wants Greg Monroe to improve his mid-range J

For me, I see two glaring problems with this team and one of them will be fixed with experience.

1) Brandon Jennings. He has shown glimpses of being the distributing point guard last game, handing off 14 dimes! But he really started distributing when he was at I think 4 pts and shooting 20% from the field. This has actually been a reoccuring theme. I saw it in the Sacramento game when he was shooting very poorly and started deferring. His assist numbers shot up. The team started firing up and gaining momentum.

If he could start off with that mentality from the start, I think we are fine at PG. His defense is still lacking, though. And that leads me into the next point...

2) Defense. Namely, our 3-pt defense. After a pick-and-roll, we start switching off, and when the ball begins to rotate through, we get LOST. There have been SOOOO MMAAANNNYYY OOOPPPEEENNN 3s the opponents have shot. And if not the 3, a rotation to a 3 pt shooter, then to a cutter. (Golden State game) The Lakers game last night was a prime example. We are going hoop for hoop with them, but the difference was we were hitting 2s, they were hitting 3s. Soon, an 8 pt deficit became a 19 pt deficit.

With this, we need to start teaching better perimeter D and communication. I don't know how much you can teach Jennings, he's Swiss cheese out there. But more effective communication has to be key. Good teams, you can hear the players shouting at each other on TV to move and rotate. I don't hear anything from the Pistons and only see mad glares afterwards.
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