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Originally Posted by Rake2204
I've heard it looks great and it plays a very solid game of basketball. I did not acquire it but I did here a few tidbits that troubled me. Among them:

1) Create-a-Player has been removed: The ability to create someone is still there to create your MyPlayer (and possibly to edit draft classes on the go) but otherwise, create-a-player is wholly absent. This means no filling in the rest of classic rosters, no filling out current rosters with players not included, and no creating of any sort, really.

2) Create-a-Team has been removed.

3) All rosters must be saved on the server: There is no longer an ability to save rosters locally. Gamers must save them to 2K's servers then re-search and find them (and re-download them) every time they start their game up.

4) All modes aside from Quick Game are now online-dependent. This means if internet is down (or 2K servers, more likely), gamers will not be able to player their MyCareers, MyGM's, etc.

5) 30 team control has been removed from Association: For those looking to control and fix terrible trades and adjustments made by the computer in Association, that is now no longer possible. Only one team can be controlled at a time.

6) MyCareer now features over-the-top, corny, cinematic scenes. Instead of choosing a path, it plays out like a movie, with a pre-determined rival and everything (named Jackson Ellis).

7) Virtual Currency is now present in nearly every mode: Gamers even have to buy the ability to adjust their rotation in Association (or MyGM as it's now referred).
Wow the only good thing is 6, because it looks nice in Chris Smoove videos, everything else is a fvck up

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