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Default Re: Getting shoulder surgery...

I surprisingly was told not to do any particular rehab even when I started getting good range of movement back, which was different to what I had heard from others who were seeing physios regularly during their early stages. I had dislocated my shoulder upwards of 10 times prior to surgery. The approach from my doctor was no physical contact sports for 6 months, but I could start normal exercise anytime after about 6 weeks and when pain wasn't a major hinderance (including strength work if it were my own choosing). I can say that my shoulder now actually feels stronger and more stable than my non-surgical shoulder! Range and flexibility are now completely fine also.

Similarly to when you actually dislocate it, there are exercises and such to strengthen the muslces around it, but the main point you should focus on is TIME. Shoulders more than anything need time to recover. Be patient. It's definitely worth it in the long run.

Also I did happen to throw on about 15kgs (over 30 lbs) of fat during my time off and letting my diet slip! Although once I did return to the gym and the court I was more motivated than ever and after about 9 months (from the surgery date) I was actually in the best shape athleticially I had ever been!

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