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Default Re: If Jordan didn't play for Wizards, he would be career 50% shooter

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi
defense is consistently a joke so far this year regardless of team (Pacers & Spurs significant exceptions). I've watched 30 games so far this season and have yet to see a game where the announcers don't make comments about how bad the defense is.

Take a look at 2014 season. Pace is 94.9 league wide. D-rating is 104
Pace in 1974 was 107.8. D-rating? 94.9.
season by season the league looks similar across both eras. Completely different levels. So explain then how defense is so great compared to back then.... why is defensive rating atrocious compared to pace --- like it has been all throughout the 2000s? Why is it so much better in that older era... if it's worse like you say?
Look at shooting percentages across those eras. They are higher today because they get open looks, and lots of unimpeded drives (no defense). This is confirmed further when you look at free throws per shot attempt - virtually dead even at 2.07.

#1 reason is the 3 point line, but also reduced handchecking, no touch zone around the basket etc. etc. etc. combine to make defense non-existent compared to that time frame.

Slower pace results in more set defenses, which means its far harder to score. This is fact. No other way around it.

Once again you are wrong about shooting percentages. They were far higher in the 90's and 80's compared to now. Reason why? More complicated, and set defenses today compared to back then.

Its incredible that people on here try to pass off their bullshit views as fact when we have the facts readily available to us on the internet.
The facts are, players shoot worse today, score less, and the game is far slower? Why? Because of better, more organized defenses. No other way around it. The game is constantly getting better.
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