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Default Re: If Jordan didn't play for Wizards, he would be career 50% shooter

Originally Posted by SHAQisGOAT

Pretty subjective if you ask me. Why didn't the FG% go down (instead the other way around happened) as the pace got slower into the 70s, through the 70s and then into 80s?
Still, comparing the 80s to nowadays, the difference in pace is around 10%, which is pretty minimal.

Far higher? Like 3% FG is far higher? And we can't neglect that back then they shot way less 3s, ball movement was clearly greater looking for the best shot possible, way less dribbling out the clock, way less dumb iso players, better overall bigmen across the league, better overall post-game and more usage of those with higher % shots. Also of course, most teams liked to play at a higher pace than nowadays, but let's not think that that's easy or that it makes them worse for plenty of them, showtime Lakers would run any recent team out of the building while lacking the smack down, for example.
Let's not forget, DRtg is about the same, and eFG% even higher right now because of the 3pt shooting.

The 2013 Toronto Raptors gave up less points than the 1989 Pistons. One team had Gay, DeRozan, Bargnani, Lowry and Calderon while the other had Dumars, Rodman, Mahorn, Laimbeer, Salley and Isiah, beating your ass.... I guess the Raptors were just the better defensive team if we look at that lol. Now looking at it the right way let's compare them to their peers: Raptors were 17th in opp/ppg and the Pistons were 2nd, Raps were 22nd in DRtg with 107.5 and the Pistons were 3rd with 104.7, Pistons got 63W and were champions, Toronto didn't even make the post-season.. Now put the 2013 Raptors in 1989 and you think they give up the same amount of points? Obviously that number would be considerably higher and their pace as well, along with a worse DRtg, because they were playing against teams they liked to pushed it more and were just in a different league period. Another thing is that even if they gave up more points they also scored much more than a team like the Raptors, common situations like when they were already up by a lot then give up more points happen, if they pace was a bit slower and they scored less then they would be holding the opponents to less as well getting pretty much the same diferential and the W. Put the 1989 Pistons in today's league and they're still the best defensive team in the game or pretty close to it (because rules would affect players like Laimbeer from playing the same type of D).
And that leads to that question again, better defense? Better offense? Better/more stacked league back then?

Ignorant people overblown all the pace and opp/ppg subject, coming through with dumb arguments and not looking at everything else.

Why were DRtg's better in the 70s? Best defensive era? Worse offense? Again, same thing.
I can go the other way and say they score less nowadays because of worse overall offense but anyways I said what it had to be said above.

You can even say that defenses are more organized ok (modern advances in other areas also help) but even if so, not by much really, plus there were alot of great defensive players back in the day and physicality helps a big deal when playing D so......

Saying that the game is constantly getting better is just a load of shit also.

Unfortunately he's already proven he can't read too well since he quoted a post about '70s and called it 80s & 90s..... so you're prolly not gonna have much impact, even with that sledgehammer-to-the-melon post.
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