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Default Re: Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Championship Flight

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
Good defenses have given the seatle offense fits.

The panthers, rams, texans

The 49ers lost in a blowout, but that was Kaepernick throwing 3 INTs.
Wilson had only 8/19 142yards 1TD 1 INT

I think people are giving Seattle's offense too much credit.
LOL. Panthers rams Texans, all road wins. ANY road win in NFL is a good win.

Panthers now 7-3. Smh.

Ever heard of rushing offense? Heard of a guy named marshawn Lynch?

LOL. Your funny.

We got our line back. Sure Minnesota sucks, but got good pass rush. Now o line healthy Wilson wasn't running for his life, which he was against rams and Texans and other teams we struggled, and picked vikes apart with a 151.4 passer rating.

And oh yea...we got harvin. LOL.
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