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Default Re: If Jordan didn't play for Wizards, he would be career 50% shooter

This thread went off topic, lol.

Originally Posted by plowking
Slower pace results in more set defenses, which means its far harder to score. This is fact. No other way around it.

Once again you are wrong about shooting percentages. They were far higher in the 90's and 80's compared to now. Reason why? More complicated, and set defenses today compared to back then.

Its incredible that people on here try to pass off their bullshit views as fact when we have the facts readily available to us on the internet.
The facts are, players shoot worse today, score less, and the game is far slower? Why? Because of better, more organized defenses. No other way around it. The game is constantly getting better.

That's not really true. The eFG% is about the same or better than 80s. This is because nowadays teams take a lot of 3s, this also hinders their FG%.

Teams in general don't like to run as much as the 80s or the 70s. In the 80s, they would run up an down the court to not give the D time to set up, so they had more possessions and scored more because they had more fast breaks. It was a different time. I believe part of the reason why they slowed down the offense was because of the Pistons since they didn't have the offensive talent that the Lakers and Celts had, they tried to keep the pace slower so they can organize their defense. I believe today teams are much more prepared defensively with scouting and etc.

Defense across eras is subjective. Part of it you'll have to understand the stats and see with your eyes, just like all sports and stats. As a SHAQisGOAT said, if you compared opponent points and Drtg, you'll find a team like the 2013 Atlanta Hawks that gave up less points and have a better Drtg than the 1989 Pistons even tho the Pistons had better individual defenders across the board.

Anyway, the game isn't constantly getting better necessary. The centers today suck compared to back then. The mid range game and the post game aren't being utilized compared to the other eras. Teamplay and ball movement was better back then, but the shooting and spacing today are better than it was back then, and guys are more athletic. At least that's my opinion from the videos that I watched.

With that said, I find the teamplay starting from 08 to now to be better than the early 00s.

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