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Default Re: If Jordan didn't play for Wizards, he would be career 50% shooter

Originally Posted by plowking
Slower pace results in more set defenses, which means its far harder to score. This is fact. No other way around it.

Once again you are wrong about shooting percentages. They were far higher in the 90's and 80's compared to now. Reason why? More complicated, and set defenses today compared to back then.

Its incredible that people on here try to pass off their bullshit views as fact when we have the facts readily available to us on the internet.
The facts are, players shoot worse today, score less, and the game is far slower? Why? Because of better, more organized defenses. No other way around it. The game is constantly getting better.
lol @ you trying to sound smart here - defenses today aren't any more sophisticated than they were in the 90's... the rules of the game have shifted what is allowed offensively and defensively and defenses have adjusted accordingly. Strategies for scoring or preventing players from scoring aren't any more or less complex or sophisticated - just slightly different.

You want to be a big boy about this and talk like you know something we don't? Than go through the lengths it takes to prove it like everyone else on here who knows a thing or two about basketball does - take the time to explain the X's and O's. Don't just sit their on your throne of pompousness and pretend you know what your talking about - because when you fail to deliver why you believe what you believe it becomes obvious that your just blowing smoke out your ass.
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