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Default Re: If Jordan didn't play for Wizards, he would be career 50% shooter

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
Nobody is arguing against the stats themselves, we just don't buy your B.S. 'explanation' as to why the stats today are different. We're all waiting for you to provide a single shred of evidence that supports your claim. Field goal percentages are lower - well - whoopy ****ing doo basketball isn't played on a stat sheet it is played on a court with 10 people at a time. Provide some video clips, where you can showcase some routine offensive plays like pick and roll, backdoor cuts etc from say the 80's or 90's, than provide video clips of those exact same offensive plays being run today and show how differently defenses react. Make sure that if you provide an example, we can't go back and see that exact same type of defense from the past because then we will disprove you. Once you find a clip of present-era defense reacting in a way never before done or seen in the 90's than maybe we can buy into your theory that defenses became more 'sophisticated'.

Until that time, your full of shit. Good luck.

As of now, people stating the opposite haven't brought any facts or stats to the table either, so why is the onus on me exactly?
I at least corrected the BS in here that FG% was lower before.

Once again, stop letting your hard on for me get in the way of things. I guess I'm your new obsession along with Wilt.
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