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Originally Posted by The Macho Man
It's 2014 almost.
I believe the issue comes with modes that don't need online, randomly needing online. This creates a situation where gamers can only play certain modes on someone else's time.

For instance, Franchise mode (now known as MyGM). In term of functionality, it should need nothing from an online connection to function, but an online connection is required anyway. So, if that connection either 1) doesn't exist in a given household 2) is spotty in given household 3) goes down for no good reason or 4) NBA 2K's very iffy servers go down due to technical difficulties (as has already happened since release) gamers lose the ability to play what should be an offline mode in the first place.

Further, I can't say I know this for sure, but I'm guessing 2K may stop running the servers for 2K14 shortly after the arrival of 2K15. This could mean that playing older versions of 2K will become much less possible. As in, if someone picks up 2K14 off the bargain bin in 2016, it may be reduced to being a Quick Game disc because the servers may no longer function, thus not allowing MyGM, MyCareer, Roster Edits and MyTeam to function.

I say, imagine if Microsoft Office suddenly only functioned if you were connected to the internet. A lot of us would still be in good shape due to our connections. But wouldn't it be in agreement there'd be no reason to add that loophole to making a Word document? Wouldn't it make more sense to offer online-required perks if a user is connected to the internet while not punishing them for not being online?

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