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Default Re: T-Mac or Kevin Durant

Originally Posted by SamuraiSWISH
T-Mac didn't play with a Westbrook distracting defenses with elite penetration and finishing abilities. Mac also played in a more difficult defensive era, where touch calls didn't get him on the line for a gifted 4 - 8 ppg on free throws, yet still averaged 4 more ppg. That's kind of significant difference. So yes, it is more impressive when Darrell Armstrong is your second best player as opposed to Russell Westbrook.
mcgrady averaged 8 free throws per game in his orlando prime (01-04). durant has averaged 8.7 in okc. that doesn't account for an extra 4-8 ppg

durant has, however, averaged just as many points (28) while taking 3.5 fewer fgs per game

personally, on an aesthetic level, i like kd's game way more. t-mac always seemed like a borderline chucker.....not iverson level, but he definitely had those tendencies. playing on shitty teams might have brought that out in him, i suppose
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