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Default Re: T-Mac or Kevin Durant

Originally Posted by kurt_rambis
mcgrady averaged 8 free throws per game in his orlando prime (01-04). durant has averaged 8.7 in okc. that doesn't account for an extra 4-8 ppg
Watching them tells the difference in context of the foul calls. Watch the games, don't just compare the numbers. McGrady was more prone to create off the dribble (seeing as how his handle is way better) and attack the rim than Durant.

KD will literally get soft, rip through foul calls where he initiates the contact in the friggin TRIPLE THREAT position.

It isn't just a comparison of the amount of free throws they get, it's the type of calls they get. You breathe on KD and his small, feminine shoulder frame amplifies any kind of contact making it seem worse.
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